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Ashtabula Harbor, Ohio


Ashtabula Harbor Lighthouse

Bascule Liftbridge view from Point Park

(Courtesy of B. Baker)

Situated along 27 miles of Lake Erie shoreline, Ashtabula is the largest county, areawise, in Ohio. Modern Ashtabula history begins in 1796 with the arrival of Moses Cleaveland’s survey party in Conneaut harbor.

The Ashtabula Harbor Historical District, locally designated in 1976, preserves and celebrates the past history of the Harbor's business and residential centers. From the east, the recently restored  1935 Bascule Lift Bridge over the Ashtabula River leads to the 1890's commercial center with restored shops and restaurants (eg., Hil-Mak Seafood Restaurant). The heart of the busy summer season is bracketed by two new, annual festivals on lower Bridge Street. The Ashtabula Harbor Beach Glass Festival and the Wine and Walleye Festival. Two excellent museums overlook Lake Erie on Walnut Blvd. The Great Lakes Marine Museum chronicles the shipping and surface transportation history of Ashtabula from the mid-1800's to the present. The Hubbard House Museum portrays one of the proudest epochs in county history at the time of the Civil War when it served as a northern terminus for escaped slaves to Canada. A third museum, the Finnish-American Cultural Center is newly constructed and stands at W. 8th and Joseph Ave., on the site of the old Sovinto Hall, once recognized as the largest wood structure in the State.

All the above, including Walnut Beach, are easy walks from the Michael Cahill Bed & Breakfast which is next to Point Park overlooking the entire harbor where the Ashtabula River empties into Lake Erie.


Further afield in Ashtabula County, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of relaxing activities - numerous golf courses, Pymatuming Lake, Lake Shore Park, Ashtabula River Gorge, etc. Geneva on the Lake, one of Ohio’s earliest summer resorts, is still a family favorite. Developments in recent decades have made the county both the Wine Capital of Ohio (The Ohio Wine Producers Association; Markko Vineyard; Tarsitano Winery and Cafe; Ferrante Winery and Ristorante) and the Covered Bridge Capital of Ohio.


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